Liulishuo Huazhong Headquarters

Liulishuo Huazhong Headquarters

Project Name: Liulishuo Huazhong Headquarters

Location of the project: Wuhan

Project area: 8000㎡

Project time: 2018.6 – 2019.1


The project is located in Grade 5A office building in the core area of Zhongguanggu, Wuhan, and is divided into four floors. The main floor has a reception desk, and other floors also have an open and comfortable hall as the entrance.

Concepts come from the imagination of future work scenes, minimalist and super-modern science and technology. The original intention of the design comes from the daily “capsule”, which divides and combines the shape of the elliptical column into groups and applies it to the public area space, turning into the front desk and negotiation room, and evolving into arc language decoration ceiling, wall corner and lintel…

The staff’s tea break and meeting area are another kind of appearance, vibrant colors, geometric reproduction modeling, giving more temperature to the people in the application space.