About Us

About Us

FIVE SENSE was founded in 2015 by well-known female architect in China, Han Qiuying. It is a team that honors the principle of “Innovation+” with strong suit in creating “venues.”

Traditional design emphasizes on the practicality of visual impact and aesthetic value. Yet FIVE SENSE has taken note that the fast developing technologies are changing people’s life style: the venues for work, leisure and life are different but interconnected. Every person, every venue and every space must be integrated by the five senses for form, sound, smell, taste and touch to created a unique “field.” The idea for the space design by FIVE SENSE is to create a venue that is essentially a “field” with all-round senses.

FIVE SENSE has a young and creative team. It is not only capable of innovative design but also capturing the unique features of each project and amplifying these elements in the whole space in order to create a seamless experience for the users. This is the core competence of FIVE SENSE.

FIVE SENSE has its works in creative office, boutique residence&hotel, commercial campaigns, renovation of industrial space, etc. Its main work is office design for new generation enterprises. It has designed creative offices for a lot of leading Internet companies.

As more young talents and teams in art, architecture and space design work with FIVE SENSE, the common goal will generate more innovative design and expand the paths for development.