Zai Chuan-Qing Quan residential house

Zai Chuan-Qing Quan residential house

Project name:Zai Chuan-Qing Quan residential house

Project location:Kyoto (Japan)

Project scale:100㎡

Project duration:August-December, 2017

Zai Chuan-Qing Quan is a flagship residential house under the brand of the Japanese hotel brand 在川. It is renovated by our team and Mr. Uoya Shigenori, a special designer that we have invited for the project. The building is on the same famous Road of Geisha by the side of Kamo River with another residential building of the 在川 brand. It is a one-story building with long history.

The house is a wooden structure with the layout of a typical Machiya. The original layout of the space, since it is quite reasonable, remains unchanged. The key of renovation is the integration of modern and traditional elements.

We decided to keep the Japanese style in the living room. The tatami floor and the wallpaper are typical Japanese items. The bedroom, the kitchen and the bath room are of modern design so that they can meet the needs of the guests.

We use bold colors of black and wooden color that are not common in traditional Machiya. It adds a touch of modern heavy metal style to the usually tranquil Japanese culture. The bedroom is in red to create dramatic contrast. Meanwhile, it makes the guests feel warm and activated.