Zai Chuan-He Ting residential building

Zai Chuan-He Ting residential building

Project name:Zai Chuan-He Ting residential building

Project location:Kyoto (Japan)

Project scale:195㎡

Project duration:March-November, 2017

Zai Chuan-He Ting is a flagship residential building under the brand of the Japanese hotel brand 在川. It is located by the side of Kamo River and next to the most beautiful road in Kyoto: The Road of Geisha. It has 120 years of history. It is a typical ancient Kyoto Machiya that is more than 100 years old.

The house is a two-story wooden structure. A corridor on the side of the house leads to the yard within the structure. The building has weathered more than 100 years of time. The exterior and interior are worn out. We have renovated the building by refreshing on the exterior while maintaining the wooden bones.

In the interior design, the living room and the bedroom are of traditional Japanese style without any luxurious decoration. Instead, high quality material is used to show fine taste. The bathroom is of modern style to cater to the needs of the users of modern times.

The walls are covered with hand-made Karakami Art paper, an art that is on the verge of distinction. The side of the staircase is covered with drawers made of the old wooden pieces of the house to show the time-old history of the building. A corridor with art pieces adds traces of the modern era to the old house.