Rennovation of the Kuaikan Comics office

Rennovation of the Kuaikan Comics office

Project name:Rennovation of the Kuaikan Comics office

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:580㎡

Project duration:August, 2016

Kuaikan Comics is a new generation internet star-up company founded by young people born in 1990s. We can feel how they approach their work with completely new perspectives and attitude. As a result, the renovation of its office in Wangjing SOHO has the style of youth, romance, vitality, showing how the company is young but is never reckless.

The original office was dull and showed no emotion. The wall was all white. The glass of the conference rooms was covered by dull polish membrane for privacy. The passages were all straight. The whole space did not have layers or rhythm. In the renovation plan, FIVE SENSE makes full use of the great lighting and openness of the space and boldly uses the variation in color and texture to stimulate the emotions of people in the space. Meanwhile, it has also added various to the space according to the flow of the people.

At the door, the color of yellow expresses pleasure and excitement for people who have just arrived. The customized geometric glass meets the need for privacy and adds fun to the space at the same time. The style is quite aligned with the taste of young talents of the company.

The waiting area on the side is painted in fresh green. Visitor can take a moment to relax here. The floor is covered by a imported textile rug that has natural multiple color with finely balanced fabric choices.

A customized North European screen and sofa hide the pipes jutting out of the wall. They also form a background for the natural light outdoor, bringing the changes of the seasons and rich natural elements indoor.

In the small meeting room, the fresh blue sofa chairs tones down the impact of the strong color paint. The picture on the wall shows the taste of the owner and inspires imagination…

The conference room uses only simple paint and creative furniture. The interesting mix-match style has lightened the fast pace of work.

The renovation is natural without too much emphasis on specific styles. It is not luxurious but shows a very sophisticated taste.