office of the headquarters of Qyer

office of the headquarters of Qyer

Project name:office of the headquarters of Qyer

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:8000㎡

Project duration:May-November, 2015

Home and company are the main theme of most people’s everyday life. To travel is break the routine of mundane life and take an adventure.

Qyer has created limitless possibility for young people who want to “see the world.” This traveling company has turned its work into a tour full of possibilities. It hopes that its office will also reflect the life style of “traveling on the road.”

Therefore, we make this project a traveling experience that we take spontaneously. We depart from the Siberian Railway—the entrance of the office is a model of a real size old green train. It is built by designers with expertise in architecture engineering. It is highly close to the original object and has its own function. This is the most difficult point in the whole project. Another customized design is the curvy bookshelf in the leisure area in the center of the building. The perfect shape of the bookshelf forms a start contrast with the up-straight wall of the building.

There are a lot of potential for functions in the 8000㎡ space. FIVE SENSE has installed a lot of areas of different functions in the space, including shared working area, independent offices, conference rooms, cafe, dinning area, leisure area, visiting area, member area, product display area, reception, and restrooms. These are all set in traveling scenes.

The fast changes brought by technologies have already penetrated into many aspects of people’s lives. We cannot imagine an innovative company that values “playing and fun” like Qyer be set in a conventional cubical office. FIVE SENSE never superficially pursues “visual impact.” It always considers the actual need and characteristics of the client so that the space will serve the people and each venue has the most suitable style and function. The case of Qyer best displays the relationship among the company, its employees and the clients. The three are put into one “field” which helps them to find people who share the same passion.