na+ Restaurant

na+ Restaurant

Walking into「na+」, the art installation and the fun of life can be reflected. Just like the “life needs ritual sense” that is often said at present, visual enjoyment is also obtained in the process of eating, and diners gradually become part of “design”.

The owner of the restaurant enjoys the delicious food and beautiful scenery from all over the world, deeply aware that life experience is not limited to ethnic groups, and aesthetic taste is not limited. The concept that stylist and dining-room host happen to see eye to eye, will “sound, smell, color, taste, touch” 5 feeling confluence is in the space. Through the corridor to the hall, a path into the quiet, standing at the fork mouth, looking at different directions, the landscape is also different, Cast a multi-level sense of psychedelic space.

The public area of the main hall USES the architectural space expression technique of arch to outline the progressive facade layers. The undulations of the ground divide the open hall into three dining areas, enriching the dining experience. Horseshoe arch structure and ceiling, is the perfect extension and presentation of arch building in the interior, it is full of tension attitude; Marrakech red rammed earth wall, with its own kind, joy, happiness and cozy, rich red bright, yellow bright, bright and bright artistic expression at the same time, without losing the intimacy, without losing the desire for food…

The artist’s customized sculptures for the restaurant upgrade the spatial vision, like a time travel to a Renaissance art gallery. The whole experience of moving from scene to scene is in it.

Feel outside art, move outdoor terrace, open the door is a quiet quietly elegant modern zen scene. “Winding path leads to secluded place, zen room deep flowers and trees” high forest, are the dwelling place elegance. Borrow the three-dimensional modeling of the original building, supplemented by a stream, light stone, sky light down, people also become less soft, a room in the two different scene, the Chinese traditional culture has a calm interpretation, and the tension of contemporary art set off each other, afraid is only so free and easy people can play.