office of KEEP (5F)

office of KEEP (5F)

Project name:office of KEEP (5F)

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:1500㎡

Project duration:December, 2016

The second phase of the office of KEEP is in the same building with the first one. In order to create a space that unleashes more potential of these young workout experts, we have defined the project as: workout entertainment park.

A group of passionate young people have shown how they can turn a hobby into a career and work hard for it. They don’t need a conventional serious office. Cafe and gym are their most frequented places in life.

Therefore, in this project, we have cut seats that are not in use and got rid of the traditional close-up conference rooms. We replace them with a serious of areas that are both fun and functional.

The radiating lines on the ceiling at the reception close to the elevator create a sense of extension. On the two sides, soft decoration items have added layers to the space that cater to the need for reception, waiting, meeting and refreshments. The employees and visitors won’t disturb each other.

In order to make this open space more lively, we installed a giant egg discussion area that symbolizes ideas “breaking out of a cocoon and becoming a butterfly” in the center. The light in the shape of branches naturally lights up the space like sunshine. Such design for a small conference area is great for stimulating ideas.

The round film screen called “Waling into the Future” is a place where people can have a meeting lying down. The ceiling is covered by unpolished cement. The bubble light belt and the deep blue color create strong visual impact. The place looks simple and sophisticated on the whole but also fashionable and up to date. The combination of the color, the division of the space and the flowing lines turn the place into tranquil and deep ocean.

KEEP is a typical new internet company with corporate culture of dream, freedom and hard work. FIVE SENSE hopes to provide more creative design for such a team and let the design best serve their work and life.