Keep GYM

Keep GYM

Project name:Keep GYM

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:600㎡

Project duration:October, 2016

The design of Keep GYM is inspired by the industrial materials and color art in 2010s. Such color mix-match is catching on again. The material of the wall is cement, paint and clay bricks, which all last for a long time. The traditional materials, after being processed and selected, express a strong vintage style.

The space uses very cool neutral and industrial style. The vintage style is adopted in different place. Bold geometric lines and color generate strong visual impact, making everyone in this space fill fully energized.

The fully saturated red facility has become a highlight in the gym. The wheel teeth and small sculptures that decorate the space associate the workout space with art. The color and the strive for physical excellence make the air flow in this closed sub-terrain space.

The yoga room is simple and bright. The styles of all the elements are highly aligned. The curvy light on the wall and the metal light on the ceiling are simple and unique at the same time..

The employee’s dining room is next to the gym. The mountain-shape design that separates the two two spaces in the entrance stand in stark contrast with the shiny Edison light cluster. On the one side, it is elegant and beautiful. On the other side, it is shrouded completely in brightness.

The eye-catching yellow mining light, the large black fish cane floor light, and the chandelier that drops directly from the ceiling all stand in contrast with one another but work together harmoniously. They create the unique language and layers for the space and builds a dining and resting space where a lot of interesting activities are going to take place.