office of KEEP

office of KEEP

Project name:office of KEEP

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:600㎡

Project duration:February-March, 2016


The industrial style that originated from Europe and caught up in the United States are very popular among young people for its wild metallic texture.

In Beijing, a start-up company made of young people born in the 1990s have created the most popular workout application called Keep through their consistent exploration for better way of keeping fit..

We have set the tone of new era industrial style for their office.

Different from large space of black and grey colors in conventional industrial style, the industrial style in the new era uses the clean and light white color as the main color decorated by green and blue. It makes the visitor’s room and tea break area more fresh and separates areas of different functions naturally.

The large floor window has increased natural light in the room. Meanwhile, it divides the office from the outdoor space while making the two stand side by side harmoniously.

In such fully used space, the long corridor seems a bit narrow. The rock climbing wall undertones the lack of space and adds another fun place to the office.

FIVE SENSE has always been keen about details. The locker in the tea break area is covered by white iron sheet coated with zinc and the geometric handles are very eye-catching. The North European style sofa is customized for the office, adding more variation to the space.