office of FIVE SENSE

office of FIVE SENSE

Project name:office of FIVE SENSE

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:162㎡

Project duration:March, 2015

FIVE SENSE, a space design company that was originally an architecture engineering design company, has shown what a “small but beautiful” design company should really be like with its own office.

The office is in the corner of an office building. It is in square shape with floor window that makes the place even more spacious. The designers have kept the spaciousness of the place and turned the space near the window into an open office. They have used the wall and bookshelves with see-through space to separate the areas for visitors, plan making, administration and dining. The independent conference room has a curvy wall that makes it private and won’t appear awkward as it divides the space into different parts.

The office did not go through large-scale architectural alteration. While dividing the space into different functional sections wisely, the designers have also used soft decoration to light up the space. For instance, different functional sections are equipped with different tones of light. A large amount of plants add the vitality and liveliness to the space. The carefully chosen scent has eased the stress inside the office.

Space has to serve the people. Different people and different atmosphere require different styles of design. Design itself is not just a skill. It is more importantly a pursuit of an ideal life.