Dedao APP office

Dedao APP office

Project name:Dedao APP office

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:1800㎡

Project duration:2017.1—2017.7

“Dedao APP,” as a high level paid knowledge provider, targets highly educated elites and rising middle class as its users. In order to offer the best learning experiences for its users,“Dedao” has put up strong technological and product teams. Its founder, Luo Zhenyu, has created a three-floor office for the new team. He has invited FIVE SENSE to design a space that fully integrates innovation and function and optimizes its image as a knowledge provider.

The slogan of “Dedao” is “Learning for life in fragmented time,” which has become the inspiration of the design by FIVE SENSE.

The office has a modern style of brightness and simplicity. There are a number of quiet corners that look like a small library. It is said that yellow is the color that inspires IT workers the best. As a result, the designers use yellow as decorating color of the whole space.

The designers use wood grain square tubes to separate the first floor into different sections. The wood grain accentuates the whole atmosphere of the space and diversifies the materials. It also make the space more natural.

The spiraling stair case in the center is both functional and works as a visual highlight of the space.

The multi-function dinning space in the center of the second floor separates the space into different sections. A cafe and a small restaurant in one, it separates the flow of people effectively. Meanwhile, it feels like a different time and space, making Dedao a pleasurable space to be.

The different sections and art pieces stand in harmony together like music and a dancer. They enrich each other. Every user will have his or her own perspective of appraciation and understanding.