42PLAY Performance Bar

42PLAY Performance Bar

Project Name: 42PLAY Performance Bar

Location of the project: Beijing China Trade Center

Project size: 250

Project time: 2018.9-2018.11

BAR Space, located in the hinterland of Beijing CBD, is the first store of 42PLAY. Surrounded by high-end Shoppingmall, office buildings and five-star hotel complex, the parallelogram monolithic building stands among them is particularly distinctive.

The original building is an aluminium roof, all-toughened glass facade, like a transparent box. When the designer receives the entrustment of the project, he first takes on a new look, makes the wire mesh rust-proof, sprays white paint, hangs all over the outer wall, and fixes the iron mesh with a geometrically constructed ferrous metal rod to ensure safety, lights up the wall lamp, and a space full of modern science and technology spreads out.

The interior space design takes into account the double scenes of the coffee shop and the performance venue. The curtain opens in the daytime, highlighting the American retro style. When night falls, the curtain closes tightly and the bar and stage are lit up. People can watch live performances such as Talk show and Open Mai and enjoy rare relaxation time.