Liulishuo Headquarters Office II

Liulishuo Headquarters Office II

Project Name: Liulishuo Headquarters Office II

Location of the project: Shanghai

Project area: 22 000㎡

Project time: 2018.6 – 2018.12


After the delivery of the first phase of the headquarters brainstorming office building, the fast-growing company successively took over three other buildings in the park and carried out the space game to the end.

Three buildings are adjacent and only one floor is connected by corridors. The project needs to solve the traffic problems between buildings first. The design of moving lines and the rational arrangement of functional areas become the key design elements.

The overall atmosphere of the host building is still fresh and lively. The main entrance and the public area outside are based on the high-level and concise neutral style, which is matched by the neutral color modelling and soft clothing to show the institute’s temperament.

The space accommodates 1,900 workplaces, hundreds of meeting rooms of different sizes, as well as several tea rest areas, ladder activity areas, recording studios, telephone rooms and a 300-person training center. The design technique follows the concise and neutral style of the main space. The small space combines active colors to enhance excitement.

One of the highlights of the building is the open-air atrium. With the help of the industrial wind appearance of the building itself, the cement floor has been reconstructed. The visual effect and practicability of the anti-corrosion wood staircase are taken into account. The industrial metal staircase and a “space-time shuttle” red corridor are connected with the inside of the building. Combining with the lighting design, the atrium at night is made. Like a secluded paradise between buildings.