InnCube Co-working space(Shanghai)

InnCube Co-working space(Shanghai)

Project name:InnCube Co-working space

Project location:Shanghai

Project scale:600㎡

Project duration:Apr,2018

Co-working service InnCube originated in New York in the United States. The new space on dingxi road in Shanghai is already the third co-working space under its ownership.

Located in the core location of modu, adjacent to liu haisu art gallery and jiaotong university, with rich cultural atmosphere, it seems to be a simple epitome of Shanghai’s temperament. These characteristics also become the core language of this space design, the grand Shanghai style and modern design encounter, collision of outstanding and elegant new style.

In the 600 square meters space, there are 72 independent stations, 10 open stations and 5 conference rooms of different sizes, which are fully utilized on the basis of full functions.