KUAIKAN office space (phase 2)

KUAIKAN office space (phase 2)

Project name:KUAIKAN office space (phase 2)

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:5000㎡

Project duration:Feb—Jun, 2018

The dark horse company in the field of content entrepreneurship read the comics, expanded the team scale again, and the reconstruction design based on the previous office space was recognized by the staff of the company. FIVE SENSE once again designed a new office space for the young and dreamy team.


The project is located in the middle layer of new high-end office buildings in the core area of Beijing, looking at the landmark bird’s nest without any shade in the northwest direction, and the design is developed accordingly. With the use of high quality lighting and vision and the combination of high brightness enterprise Logo color and neutral color, an active space with interior and exterior transparency and bright color emerges at the right moment.



Concise, lively and rich interesting is the theme of the project, the designer used a braiding design language throughout the visual expression of the project, the material is simple and rich simple sense, stereo modelling process become personalized highlight of project performance, echoes the owners are in the business of cartoon drawing, expressed in graphical view of the world.


The building space of 5000 square meters is divided into three floors to realize 700 work stations, 23 meeting rooms of different specifications, as well as the basic functions of the executive office, temporary office, tea area, storage room, printing area and other office areas.


“It’s a creative office,” says a rapturous employee.