Hardy dental(shijiazhuang)

Hardy dental(shijiazhuang)

Project Name: Hardy Stomatology (Shijiazhuang)

Project Location: Shijiazhuang

Project size: 500_

Project time: 2018.5-2018.7


Hadi Dental’s first shop is located near the high-grade residential area of Shijiazhuang High-tech Development Zone. The owner put forward the management idea of children’s dental department as the core, so the designer came up with the experience store that gives dental department a paradise.

Design language repeatedly uses arch to enhance affinity, increase visual stimulation by high saturation color collision, channel and staircase use light band to increase extended stereo vision, material use a large number of natural wood, in which people feel comfortable and relaxed. The three-dimensional decoration of the wall of the children’s clinic creates a sense of scene, and the process of seeing teeth is relaxed and interesting.