Headquarters of Sevenages

Headquarters of Sevenages

Project name:Headquarters of Sevenages

Project location:Beijing

Project scale:750㎡

Project duration:Octorber-December, 2017

Life is a drama. As the outstanding representative of the domestic emerging drama culture, the seven ACTS are committed to creating a dramatic work that is better than life, bringing spiritual pleasure and inner resonance to the fast-paced life.

Describe the owner’s real visual imagination in real space design is a wonderful place, as for can realize to what extent, how compatible with practicality, will create more surprises, is the root of the test designer’s energy.

750 ㎡ area is office space and rehearsal space, or classroom training, comprehensive reception, display and business aspects of demand, designers need to dream weavers in small space.

The concept originated from the traditional theater stage, and the designer imagined the space as a theater. To borrow the common round corner outline of the theater, through all corners; The corridor on one side of the entrance USES the layer of curtain wall to decorate metope, light shadow produces the stage effect that illuminates the color of flow, show a dream space with fairy tale color.