Invited Architect


Manager of Uoya Shigenori Architectural Institute

Born in 1977, Uoya Shigenori is an architectural master in Japan. He has a master degree in the Faculty of Engineering in Kyoto University. He has been doing architectural design and research work in Japan. He is highly recognized for his experience and reputation in Japanese architecture circle and is particularly specialized in the design and application of environment-friendly architectures. He has obtained 20 Japanese design awards, participated in the writing of 12 architectural books, published more than 20 academic articles and thesis, and held 20 exhibitions of his own works. Himself and his works have been reported by more than 10 television stations and paper media.

He created Uoya Shigenori Architectural Institute. He is the member of Architecture Institute of Japan, Urban Residence Society, Japan Architects Association and the Architects Association of Kyoto Prefecture. He works as visiting professor of Kyoto University, Kinki University and Osaka Institute of Technology. In 2016, he independently published Collection of Decoration Pictures. He has made significant contribution to Japan’s architecture industry.

His works have strong Japanese cultural influences with unique understanding and expression of the traditional wooden structure in Japan. He uses a lot of simple lines and the unique gentle aura of the raw wood, creating an architecture that combines modern methods and traditional materials together.

Uoya Shigenori’s representative works:

A House in Kashimanomori-Forest

Seito Church

Kyomachiya Hotel

Residential buildings in Kyoto, Japan, together with FIVE SENSE