KEEP working,KEEP trying. | interior design

KEEP working,KEEP trying. | interior design

Designer Han Qiuying

Once home to many young Internet companies

Startup designed for young people’s creative office space,

Her design with those

Traditional serious business square office.


“Design is to create, beautification and

Space design can speak for the enterprise.”

– Han Qiuying


“This is a group of entrepreneurs to office after 90.First of all, they are very young, very fond of fitness, enjoy health, male staff is more, the muscle male is very much also.And they are in a very short period of time to grow up, from two to two hundred people, the future may also develop to four hundred, even thousands of people.So the demand for office space is outspread, delays the demand is very big.A 1500 – square – meter space, to accommodate 220 station, probably only 5 square meters per capita.Our solution is to focus most of the workstation to decorate, put all the public areas, Shared space in another focus area.”

“This area is only about 200 square meters of area, account for only about 15% of the total area, but it has solved the more than half of the demand for public area function.The office area is about 200 a location, it feels very depressed, the vision is also very boring.So how to break this kind of feeling, I thought of a few words, burst, shell, very suitable for the temperament of the team or what they are doing some of these things came into my mind.”

“Egg-shaped conference roomThe effect of the radio very well,Inside the meeting outside staff is basically can’t hear.We can on both ends of egg-shaped opens the window, so that the internal staff, in the meeting room and colleagues outside, everybody feeling at least can be interactive.”

“We think this is a group of very dream, especially of young people dare to dream and dare to dream maker.For meeting room in the sky.Its color is dark blue, ceiling chose the lamp chamfer of lemon yellow color, we set up on the ground and ceiling color match yellow futon.Stand to this space, you will feel yourself Yu Haohan star.”

“We are also designed for the staff restaurant and gym downstairs.Basically the function of the daily life demand after a 90 and scenarios have, in addition to no bed to sleep at home.In the design of the gym, we use the metal tube made a device like human blood vessels, the gear which is a linkage device, that is like time, on the material it is very of metal material, very tough, but its shape is we the blood vessels of the body, you can think of a word is blood Fen zhang.”

“Startups they need to burst a lot of new ideas, the environment is to be able to stimulate their imagination and is to be able to give them inspiration, I think they want a space should be like this.”


Designer: han qiuying director: MAO xuan video: liu zheng.
Project design: FIVE SENSE design office.
Article excerpts from: 2017-12-21 phoenix TV “designer”